What is the value and benefit of technology:

Benefits of Technology:

Our technology has a related innovation and it is the selective system that can use for Ammonia and Nitrate reduction at the same time. A part of that has a Standard Patent certificate in the Initial parts. The advantage of technology can be open a good way to reach viability. Other technologies can not use in processed water, but our system has this ability, While the big problem for companies is this type of water (Process water). Because it has various materials and compounds that they have effective in the performance of systems.

The Value of the project has been defined in design to apply that in process water. Also, there is no economic system to reduce the mentioned material in processed water. In addition, Project is Biocompatible, Cheap, and the main topic in the project increasing health by providing a healthy safe environment for water and food. This is unique because the technology has the ability to Align and reduce Ammonia and Nitrate. 

What are the advantages of this technology for companies?

Advantages of Technology:

It is a new and green technology with itself advantages like selection,

  • It has performance in processed water
  • No need to daily repair without a complex design
  • The technology helps to increase the health index
  • Ease of preparation and use of particles is easy
  • Cheaper technique
  • Good performance and simple operation
  • Green cleantech and biocompatible

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