A description of Technology:

We are trying to introduce a project in cleantech. Our technology provides a new system to control some materials in water harmful contaminants like Ammonia and Nitrate. The Initial market case has been defined in to reduce the mentioned contaminant from the fish farm’s water or some industrial with this issues in water and reduce the damages from water. This action will reflect In social health increasing and food. These harmful materials could be damaged the environment and fish. So we are trying to solve this problem and provide water high quality.

Resume of the team:

The team has the same experience in designing and deploying a system to reduce the Ammonia from a Fish farm in the northern area. They have a big issue in water in controlling the Ammonia. Ammonia makes harmful situations in water and fish get affected by this material. Even the Nitrate could affect the fish and the environment. A small size of that has been designed and deployed. Some relation tests have been taken. Ammonia has been reduced by more than sixty percent. The team is in negotiations with companies and Fish farms to introduce this project and help the farms to increase the quality and standard of water and food and reduce damages.

The team has got some collaboration requests and we are in negotiation to add some other collaboration to add potable and portable detection technology for that. The potable design will help the team to decrease the detection and start the reduction of Ammonia and Nitrate.  

The ability of team:

The team will consider some communication with companies like previous to introduce our project to companies, but we have a plan to participate in events and make good opportunities for project and collaboration aspects with companies that we have negotiated with them. The team will have defined duties to do, for example, the members of the team will apply simulation to optimize design, which is attractive for companies and we will put this plan for our R&D section. This will help us to introduce the project and abilities of the team and make a good decision in future actions. The member of the team has a good experience in the fields and we will also consider them to give some services to companies that they have interesting to get some special services. In addition, we have a plan to attract good people in some fields, It is clear some experiences will help us to fix probable issues and give a good product to companies.